A Message for Our Volunteers

A true grassroots movement is only as strong as the volunteers who keep it going. From day one, our volunteer team has been the backbone of our campaign.

None of what we've accomplished would have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our volunteers. Because of you all, we've been able to go out into our community and connect with our neighbors on a personal level - and we've worked hard to earn their support.  


With your help, we've knocked on over 13,000 doors and made over 4,000 phone calls to our neighbors in District 9. We also mailed over 2,000 postcards to our neighbors to remind them to get out and vote. 


So we want to say thanks - for the long hours you worked, the sunburns you endured, and, most importantly, the heart and soul you put into this campaign. 

We're excited to see all of your hard work pay off when the votes are counted tomorrow. Join us for our election results watch party! RSVP here.

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