San Antonio's 2017 Bond Program

San Antonio's 2017 election will determine more than just our Mayor and City Council representatives. Voters will also have the opportunity to vote on six individual propositions that make up the 2017 Bond Program

The 2017 Bond will bring much-needed improvements to our city's parks, roads, drainage systems, and more. It also includes funding for a senior center in District 9, which will serve as a valuable resource for the senior citizens in our community.

The bond is divided into six individual propositions:

1. Streets, Bridges and Sidewalks Improvements

2. Drainage and Flood Control Improvements

3. Parks, Recreation and Open Space Improvements

4. Library and Cultural Facilities Improvements

5. Public Safety Facilities Improvements

6. Neighborhood Improvements


A few highlights of the 2017 Bond Program:

  • The bond does not require an increase in the city property tax rate.

  • 70% of the funding is allocated for improvements to streets and drainage.

  • An additional $350 million in private funding will go towards subsidizing the projects proposed in the bond.


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